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Offering Instant Data Views Like Never Before

NOVI, Mich. (May 31, 2011) – A new business technology system now available to C-level executives of middle-market companies is the first to provide instant data views in an interactive and graphical manner allowing for business trends to be immediately spotted, enabling quick decisions. CFO Rapid Fire™ Business Intelligence is a product of CFO Rapid Fire, LLC in partnership with longtime specialized financial consulting firm CFO Advisors, LLC, which has exclusively piloted the system with its multi-unit retail clients across the country over the past year.

CFO Rapid Fire™ is a cloud based, business intelligence system specifically designed to provide executives with the fast and insightful analysis that they need to readily see and pursue missed opportunities. Executives  will now have the ability to track and compare anything in their businesses and see “red flags” immediately when expected results go off target. Capturing business data in near real time from multiple sources and translating it into useful information presented through interactive visualizations, the system allows executives to quickly measure, monitor and analyze business trends.

“Because of our successful experience in using this technology in the restaurant industry – an extremely challenging business – we saw an opportunity to bring it to a wider market,” said Gregory Thomas, CPA, a partner with CFO Rapid Fire, LLC . “Now, more businesses will be able to learn much more quickly about their behavior and take steps to serve their customers better and become more profitable. This is truly the long awaited blending of financial and operational data.”

As a hosted, subscription based cloud service, CFO Rapid Fire™ does not require its users to hire a technology staff or invest in hardware or software.

“As a professional, my mission has always been to drive value to my clients’ bottom line”, added Meg Potts, also a partner with CFO Rapid Fire, LLC. “The Rapid Fire system is an excellent way to accomplish that using powerful and proven technology.”

For more information on CFO Rapid Fire™ visit or email Gregory Thomas at, or Meg Potts at .


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