CFO Rapid Fire

Energize Your Data Flow.

CFO Rapid Fire™ is the cloud based, business intelligence system that captures business data from any available source and translates it into exciting “visualizations” providing bold and interactive graphical displays of information. Now you can combine all of your company’s data, trend it, monitor exceptions, discover new relationships and interact with it in real time from your desktop or mobile device. CFO Rapid Fire™ is a truly remarkable tool that accelerates your ability to drive value to your bottom line.

Realize ROI as high as 1000%

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Transform Chaos Into Opportunity

CFO Rapid Fire’s™ highly visual interface provides immediate insight into the information that matters most to you. By pulling from multiple data sources, CFO Rapid Fire presents results in an easy to grasp format and eliminates the information overload executives experience today. Available from your mobile device or desktop computer, at home or on the road, CFO Rapid Fire can quickly identify where to reduce costs, how to increase revenues, and where opportunities to expand your business may lie.

Why CFO Rapid Fire?

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Make Informed Decisions Faster

CFO Rapid Fire’s™ interactive graphs enable executives to quickly measure, monitor and analyze business trends, while precise alerts tell you when areas of the business are going off target. When coupled with live analysis and near real-time refresh rates, it represents the most actionable business intelligence system available without an IT staff or servers. No more waiting to make the right decision – Look into the unique system that can return over ten times its annual investment.

Client Testimonials

"Our restaurants generate an immense amount of data every day. Making sense of it all has been a challenge, and trending it using spreadsheets in a timely fashion has been nearly impossible. CFO Rapid Fire has solved these issues by allowing us to easily see into our business. The opportunities we've uncovered as a result continue to pay for the cost of the product over and over."
Daniel Stanton, Fuddruckers – Einsteins franchisee

"We've searched high and low for the right tool to provide our customers with an interactive view of their payroll reporting. We knew that our customer base would derive tremendous value out of seeing their information in graphs that they could change on the fly without any training. Measured simply by our customer response to this new tool, CFO Rapid Fire has been a huge success for us.
Paul Altavena, Partner, Agile Systems

I love CFO Rapid Fire. Our catering business has been growing rapidly. Prior to implementing CFO Rapid Fire, we weren't able to understand when performance was changing without digging through endless numbers. Now we can quickly zero in on the areas of the business that are making the most money for us, and hold our staff accountable to the goals.
Brenda Hurley, Director of Catering, Willy's Mexicana Grill

"We're a mid-size transportation company without the IT resources of larger companies. CFO Rapid Fire has made this issue irrelevant by connecting our existing routing and accounting systems. Our sales staff can see what's happening with their accounts even when they're on the road by using their iPads.
Jack Campo, Operations Director, Metro Sanitation

"I have favorite views that CFO Rapid Fire built for me, telling me exactly what I want to know in a quick and easy fashion. Now my daily routine makes better use of my iPad by incorporating a quick look at CFO Rapid Fire while having my first cup of coffee in the morning. I can start my day knowing what is happening in my business and where we are heading."
Trey Jordan, Principal, Holiday Deli

"We've just implemented CFO Rapid Fire and I can already see where we're going to save considerable money. Knowing that I can easily see what's really happening in purchasing, or how our guests are using our products, gives me the confidence to move forward on new product introductions and marketing initiatives.
John Metz, Partner, Sterling Spoon, Marlows Taverns

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